Overworked Nurses, Poor Staffing Can Affect Patient Safety

An overworked nursing staff can increase the risk of safety incidents in hospital care facilities, according to recent research published in the British Medical Journal. As the first of its kind, the study analyzed how nurse workload could ultimately alter the quality of care. The data demonstrates insufficient staffing can strain resources, raising the risk … Continue reading Overworked Nurses, Poor Staffing Can Affect Patient Safety

Families Are Now Permitted to Mount Cameras in LA Nursing Homes

Thanks to House Bill 281, residents in Los Angeles nursing homes will have the ability to be monitored by family using camera systems installed in rooms. Though the cameras are voluntary, the new provision could help to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect in California.

$2 Million Verdict in Pennsylvania Nursing Home Case

In Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court agreed on a $2 million jury verdict against the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network. Elise Dubose, a resident of the Willowcrest Nursing Home, died from bedsore related complications in 2007. The court affirmed her claims were brought within the statute of limitations.

May Digest

The National Association of Nursing Home Attorneys curates a monthly news digest for clients and members. Our digest includes key facts, regulatory information and settlement awards. Key Facts 90% of US nursing homes have staff levels too low for adequate care. When patients don’t have an adequate, properly trained staff to care for their patients, nursing … Continue reading May Digest